Grace is a Licenced and Certified Massage Therapist trained in the United States with a degree in Applied Science. 

MassagetherapeutinGrace Baggot, AS, LCMT
Massagestudioim Trezene Village - Santa Maria di Castellabate, fraz. Lago (SA)


Therapeutic 1 hour 

Relaxation ½ hour

Full Body Relaxation 1 hour

Drainage/Detox/Energizing per ¼ hour


Most important, it has to be fun.

Sunset Guided Meditation Group ½ hour 

Guided Meditation by appointment ½ hour 

Assisted Deep cranial sacral ½ hour 


Passion can be a dangerous thing. 

Yoga Introductory to Intermediate Hatha Yoga

1 – 2 attendants 1 hour

3 – 5 attendants1 hour

6 attendants or more1 hour


Fitness Walk with Yoga Session

San Marco di Castellabate – Punta Licosa – Ogliastro 

Punto Tresino – San Giovanni Ruins

3 – 5 attendants3 hours

6 attendants or more

Meditative Nature Walk ½ hour 

Mountain Hikes designed by request

Thank you!

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